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Personalization Guide




The WREN Personalization Guide 

Customize home, kitchen or bath products, to your specific tastes. 

Want some advice about the monograms?

Email us at or text us at 912-XXX-XXX! 

Your Options:

Nest Intials: W 

Arbor Initials: Kat 

Sky Initials: A | D

Breeze Initials: Hunney or Honey 

Branch Initials: ONH 

Interested in something you aren't seeing here? Email us at or text us at 912-XXX-XXX!


Monogramming is Free! (you’re welcome)   ———————— Personalized items are non-returnable.


Want to create for: one person 

example: I’sla Elizabeth Nelson

N - One Letter: First or Last 

IAN - Three Initials, Equal Size: First, Middle, Last 

iNa - Three Initials, middle letter bigger: First, Last, Middle

Want to create for: two people (a couple with two different last names)

example: Caroline Hurst Howard + Jonathan Ansley Ellis

  • H | E - Two Letter: First or Last 
  • H + E - Single Initial connected 

Want to create for: two people (a couple with the same last name)

example: Ansley Carter Morgan +  Quinn Du’bois Morgan - One Letter: First or Last 

  • A M Q - Three Initials, Equal Size: First Name, Last , Alternate First Name  
  • M - Single Initial - shared family name 


Creative Time 

You can monogram anything - within reason ;)


Chef  - Honor the cook! 


Cheers - it’s an oldie but a goodie 


“Birdie” - for your nickname! 




Need to spell it out? Our longhand option is a gorgeous selection for a full name, location or whatever you heart desires. 


Ex1 written out : Wren 

ex2:  Ansley 

ex3: best friends 

Ex4: Hunney